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Support us

Opera music and arts is a performance as is, but not many people know that it is liberatingly therapeutic, and healing for the mind and soul. An intimate performance from our musicians or singers can help lift the stress of daily life, soothe the spirit and nourish the soul.

Annual Golf Tournament

The annual golf tournament, organised by SLO, is a fundraising event where your generous participation will go a long way in helping us promote and stage opera performances, as well as train and develop young talents.

Donations typically entail a green fee, buggy fee, lunch, and dinner. Donors also qualify for tax exemption at 2.5 times of contributions.

Opera Ball

The Opera Ball is another fundraising event put together by SLO. Every year, we host an evening of entertainment and performances by celebrated artists and talents.

Support us by purchasing a table with your colleagues, partners and friends, and earn tax exemption at 2.5 times the donation amount. Your support allows us to continue creating and grooming the arts culture in Singapore.

SLO – S.R. Nathan Opera Development Fund

In 2016, the SLO bade a sad farewell to its Patron-in-Chief, the late Mr S. R. Nathan.

In memory of the late Mr S. R. Nathan, it is with great fondness that SLO set up the SLO-S. R. Nathan Opera Development Fund. Through this Fund, members and friends can make charitable gifts to SLO that will go beyond being a source of financial support to its cause; it will also serve as a living memorial to his contributions.

All donations received are eligible for tax exemption at 2.5 times the donation amount.

To make a contribution, please click here.

We thank you in advance for your kind generosity and aspirations to keep Mr Nathan’s legacy with SLO alive through the ages.

Love to Sing & Perform?

Join our Youth Training Program! We are recruiting!

If you or someone you know is aged between 6 – 18 years old, join our Youth Training Program!

Audition: Every Saturday
Contact us for appointment and details!

Join the SLO Chorus!

Find out more! If you are interested to join the SLO Chorus.
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