Press Release

Press Release

SLO General Manager resigned, and the promotion of Senior Executive

[SINGAPORE, 24 MARCH 2021] — The Singapore Lyric Opera General Manager, Mr Anthony Tan, 78, tendered his resignation and his last day of service was on 28 February 2021. He also stepped down from SLO’s Board of Directors on the same day, a position he has held since his appointment in 1999. SLO would like to thank Mr Tan and appreciates his contribution to SLO’s progress.

On 01 March 2021, SLO announced the promotion of Senior Executive, Ms Gena Ng, 30, to Manager of SLO. Ms Ng re-joined the company as a permanent staff in 2020. She played a key role in transiting towards digital programming when the COVID-19 situations presented the opportunity.

She is a graduate of the Republic Polytechnic in Technology & Arts Management in 2012. Upon graduating, she joined SLO as an Administrative Assistant. In the 4 years, she had exposures to stage management, surtitle operation, orchestra management, and as a librarian, she was familiar with the running of many productions. She also works alongside with experienced performers and mentors in the industry. She left SLO in 2015.

Prior to returning to SLO, she has managed school concert bands. As a musician herself, she plays the clarinet. She enjoys teaching the clarinet and had performed with various wind bands. She is also the co-founder of a community group, The Clarinet Club, at the Yuhua Community Club.

With a better understanding of the industry through active teaching and performing over the years, Ms Ng is more determined to contribute to the Arts industry and had returned to SLO as a Senior Executive in 2020. She says, “During my time under Mr Tan’s tutelage, I had the opportunity to work with him on improving processes, operations, and administration at SLO.”

Touching on SLO’s next chapter, she would like to focus on more local engagement. This will involve the development of local talents and opportunities for Singaporeans to perform. She would also continue to steer SLO towards the direction of staying connected and being relatable to the community. “I want Opera to be more accessible (to the general public), to share this beautiful genre that consists of almost all art forms you can think of. Voices, music, drama, dance, even visual aspects such as the sets, costumes, props, lightings, and a whole lot of technical support behind the scenes”, she added. Lastly, she is encouraged and inspired by the team’s motivation to continue innovating on more digital projects.


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