SLO Youth & Children’s Training Programme

SLO Youth & Children’s Training Programme


Singapore Lyric Opera Youth and Children’s Training Programme, originally named Singapore Lyric Opera Children’s Choir (SLOCC), is a member of the Singapore Lyric Opera family. The training programme is separated into 2 groups: Children (6 to 12 years old) and Youth (13 to 25 years old) and we aim to encourage acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment of opera in young people.

Through our programmes, we hope to enable members to experience a live opera performance annually with professional singers, conductors and acquaint members with opera and orchestra terminology, history and the lives of great opera composers. By working with artistic directors, the programmes also introduce members to the significance of theatre, set and costume design in opera.

Through these activities, they can discover and develop their musical interests while expanding their intellectual and cultural horizons.


Performance opportunities are aplenty through involvement in the Singapore Lyric Opera’s opera productions, youth’s concerts, and outreach campaigns such as library talks and open houses. Members of the choir are also given opportunities to perform in productions.

The repertoire of the SLO Youth and Children Training Programme ranges from operas, oratorios, choral masterpieces and musical theatre from all periods, genres and languages. We are always on the lookout for new members who are passionate about singing, learning and performing to join the choir.  All our members are selected by audition and by subscription.

Voices of children symbolise innocence and purity, healing the soul and mesmerising the heart. For a cherubic touch to your next event, feel free to contact us for further information! 


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