Wolfgang Violin Programme @ Kellock

The Wolfgang Violin Programme (WVP) @ Kellock was started in August 2008 and forms a key part of CHIJ Kellock’s Arts & Sports Talent Development Programme. It is a unique collaboration between CHIJ Kellock and Singapore’s award-winning international violinist Miss Min Lee and renowned violin teacher Mrs Annie Lee. The WVP @ Kellock aims to awaken love for music with the violin as a bridge to music expression and to develop skilled instrumentalists with a life-long passion for music. It now boasts some 40 young violinists in training and is growing strong.

In the past 2 years, the violinists from WVP @ Kellock, have been invited to perform at numerous public functions. This includes, the school's 45th anniversary celebrations at The Arts House (2009), HSBC CEO Cocktails (2009), the Association of Banks Singapore's (ABS) Lunar New Year Luncheon (2010) and so on.