Rose Loh

Rose Loh majored in music education from the University of Queensland, and has gained her choir and general classroom music teaching experiences under the guidance of Dr James Cuskelly in Brisbane, Australia. Currently, Rose continues to apply her aural-vocal (Kodaly based) methodology skills, by designing Voice Exploration Programs, scouting voice talents into her award winning primary school choirs.

Having completed the 44th choral conducting edition of the Kurt Thomas Cursus at the Roosevelt Academy, Netherlands, Rose studied different styles of conducting, under Hans Leeder (Gregorian Chant), Louis Buskens (Baroque Ensemble music), Gilles Michel (Chamber Choir), Martin Wright (20th century music), Jos Van der Sijde (Percussion Ensemble) and with many others. Choir cross-cultural exchanges include the Children’s Choir of Estonian TV, and the Hong Kong Children’s Choir.

Rose Loh studied voice with Catherine Sergeant (Western plainchant) at the Centre de musique médiévale de Paris and with Anna Koor in Singapore. She has also sung with The Philharmonic Chorus and The SYC Ensemble Singers. With the latter, she participated in the prestigious 58th Polyphonic Contest “Guido de Arezzo” in 2010, and obtained the Grand Prize in the 7th International Choir Festival, Mundus Cantat in Sopot, Poland 2011.