Dorothy Png

Dorothy has been involved in lighting design since 1994 and has worked with most of the arts companies in Singapore. Her more memorable works are: Titoudao (1994), Bent (2004), The Crab Flower Club (2009) and December Rains (2010) with Toy Factory Productions; in::music Sandee Chan (Esplanade, Huayi 2010); Next Hour (Mr. Wing Theatre Company, Taipei, 2007); Atomic Jaya (Checkpoint Theatre, 2003); Sunset Rise (The Theatre Practice, 2000).

Dorothy also collaborated with independent artists for their own performances. Amongst the artists are Albert Tiong, Nelson Chia, Jocelyn Chua, Peter Sau and Kuo Jing Hong. Her most recent collaboration was with Kit Chan for her concert The Music Room at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre in October 2010.