SEASON 13/14

Pursuant: A Musical

Date & Time : 31 May, 1, 4-8 June 2013, 8pm
1, 2 & 8 June 2013, 3pm
Venue : Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore
Language : Performed in English
Enquiry : (65) 6336 1929

Pursuant is a new musical, set in a future Singapore where dreaming is banned.

Composed by Chen Zhangyi, written and directed by Jonathan Lim, it tells a story about a young boy and his quirky sidekicks who go on a quest to find the reasons, and to restore our nation’s dreams.

Ethan is a secondary school boy on this island in the year 2023. Dreaming has been made illegal but Ethan is a wild and inspired dreamer. One day he is found out by the authorities and sentenced to concentration camp, where young Singaporeans are taught to stop dreaming and focus on practicalities only.

One day, he and his two new co-dreamers are freed by an underground group of vigilantes called Dream On, led by the Can-Crushing Uncle and the Cardboard Box Auntie. Ethan leads them on a quest to find The Old Man who keeps appearing in his dreams and whose dream once inspired the nation into being. Perhaps he holds the secret to why dreams have fallen out of favour, and what it would take to have the nation dreaming again.

Pursuant is a modern day fable suitable for Singaporean youths, their families and teachers.