SEASON 12/13

SLO Children's Choir Concert

Don't Stop Believing

Date : Friday, 13 July 2012
Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore
Enquiry : (65) 6336 1929

Join us for an inspiring evening of music-making, as we open our hearts and ears to the pristine voices of the SLO Children’s Choir. Let them remind us of the songs and stories from our youth, and share with us the melodies of their own youthful hopes and dreams. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, come rediscover the child in you, and Don’t Stop Believing...

Featuring three segments of folksongs from Asia, Europe and North America, the concert will include songs like Ikan Kekek and Humpty Dumpty; newly commissioned songs from local composers Dr Kelly Tang and Dr Goh Toh Chai and an arrangement of Xinyao songs handpicked by Dr Liang Wen Fu personally arranged by Ms Liong Kit Yeng.

Our guest choir from Anglo-Chinese Secondary School (Barker Road) will join the ensemble to perform contemporary songs from the musical Les Miserables and the best of Glee from the popular TV series.


Evening Song Z. Kodaly
Danny Boy arr. L S Spevacek
Shenandoah arr. J Herrington / S Glick
Sing a Song of Sixpence ed. J M Diack
Humpty Dumpty Dave & Jean Perry
The Last Rose of Summer M L Lightfoot
Scarborough Fair arr. M Goetze
From Les Choristes
Carresse sur l'ocean Bruno Coulais
Vois sur ton chemin
I love a Piano arr. Mark Heyes
Hallelujah (from Shrek) arr. Leonard Cohen
Ikan Kekek arr. Goh Toh Chai
The Little White Boat (小白船) Kelly Tang
Reminiscence of Childhood - a medley of Singapore songs from the Xinyao Collection **
遥遥民谣 (Yao Yao Min Yao) Liang Wen Fu arr. Liong Kit Yeng
细水长流 (Xi Shui Chang Liu)
新衣哪有旧衣好 (Xin Yi Na You Jiu Yi Hao)
排排坐 (Pai Pai Zuo)
Where Go The Boats? ** Kelly Tang
Les Miserables (Medley) arr. Ed Lojeski
The Best of Glee arr. A. Anders / T Davis
Programme subject to change
Programme not in order of performance
** New songs / arrangements